Learn from my fail: Let your faucets drip in the winter

I had a rude awakening this morning when I went to prepare my coffee and realized that no water was pouring from my faucet. With the extremely cold temperatures we’ve been having the last few days in Lithia Springs, my pipes had frozen over the night. Luckily, the water had not expanded so much that it caused the pipes to burst, so maintenance was able to thaw my pipes without having to deal with a flooded kitchen.

Don't forget to leave your faucets dripping this winter!

Even if you have and interior sink in your spacious kitchen here at Brodick Hill apartments, you still run the risk of your pipes freezing. To prevent this, all you need to do is leave your faucet running, a drip about the width of a pencil. Flowing water will not freeze as easily as still water. It is also strongly recommended that you keep your heat running, even if you are not home. With the temperatures in the teens, like we’ve been experiencing, we suggest leaving your cabinet doors open, especially if you are leaving town for the holidays, so the pipes get as much heat as possible.

What are you doing to keep warm in your Brodick Hill apartment home as the temperatures drop? Have you lit a fire in your fireplace yet?

Image via Brodick Hill

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